Welcome to STM American Bulldogs.  We are located in West Central Missouri.  We are not a typical "Kennel".  Our American bulldogs are members of our family and are spoiled as much as our kids.

We strive to raise only the best American Bulldog pets for you and your family.   This means breeding great bulldog bloodlines to eliminate unwanted traits.  Whether you purchase an American bulldog for a pet or breeding stock, we do our best to ensure great attributes.  We  spend a lot of time with our bulldogs to develop their temperament.  Keeping our kennels small lets us do so.

We love this breed and are trying to better it.  We are keeping to the Johnson type, we like the "bully" look and attitude.  We have traveled in person all across the United States to get our dogs.  We purchased ours from reputable breeders with only quality stock to choose from.  Only the best pet will do for our program.

One very important piece of information.  We will absolutely not sell puppies to pet brokers.  Those pets go for months with no personal attention.  This is non negotiable.


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Here at STM American Bulldogs, we have tried several foods.  We are currently feeding Kirkland Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables.   This food scores 110 on the dog food grade sheet.  We try to feed the best food possible available to us.  They also get a regular diet of raw foods.  My local butcher provides me with raw beef for the nutrients they don't get from the dry dog foods.  We've been accused of spoiling them with great food.  This Combination has been working well.

Our Kennels are made of super tough 9 guage chain link.  They are custom made for me (links page). Each kennel is an indoor/outdoor kennel with a door between them so the dog can travel freely. Outside each separate 5x10 kennel opens into its own run that is 75 feet long and starts at 5 feet wide and continues to 11 feet wide where each dog can get plenty of excercise. Indoors, the building is heated for the winter and their doghouses are inside to protect from the wind.  Each kennel inside is 5ft by 5ft.  In the summer, the cool concrete offers comfort and the doghouses go outside for more room.

American Bulldogs are a large breed with a lot of power and agility.  The best part is their personality.  Each dog we have raised in the past  have made wonderful pets and companions.  We have had several litters, and sometimes with repeat families.   We breed bulldogs to better the breed, so when you receive your puppy, it will be spoiled and well loved.

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We lost our friend Taz.  He had one of the best personalities I have ever seen.  He will be missed....







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